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ZO Skin Health

Emerald Aesthetics are official stockists of the world class medical grade skin care brand ZO Skin Health.

ZO Skin Health is the best-selling medical grade skin care brand in Europe because it continues to deliver outstanding results for treating a number of common skin concerns. After treating so many faces over the years, two things occurred to me; that my clients were investing hundreds of pounds on injectables to improve their appearance but not on good skin care, but when skin quality was better injectables looked better! I really believe that achieving healthy skin should be first line of treatment to anything. If we have healthy glowing skin, we feel more confident and we don’t need to wear as much make up. I made it my aim to be able to offer my clients a luxury, medical grade skin care brand that could treat a number of skin problems that I see daily in my clinic.

Common Skin Conditions that can be treated successfully with ZO Skin Health

Ageing skin

Sun damaged skin


Acne and oily skin with enlarged pores

Pigmentation issues

Sensitised skin

Dull skin

Dry skin

With any one-off skin treatment such as microneedling, chemical peels, dermaplaning etc home care is just as important to get the most out of these treatments. I have had problematic skin myself over the years and tried lot of different products. When I started using ZO Skin Health it was a turning point for me as I realised unless I invested in medical grade products, over the counter brands never delivered enough active ingredients to treat my skin concerns. ZO Skin Health isn’t a ‘buying a moisturiser because your friend has it’ type of brand. This is a skin care protocol prescribed individually for your skin type.

Products Available






Vitamin C serum

Eye Care

Body Care

Targeted Treatments

Salon Peels and other professional clinic treatments