Below are our standard pricing, all prices listed are per treatment unless stated.

PLEASE NOTE: We require a £30 deposit upon booking any treatment. For a full refund cancellations must be made on or before the 24 hour window of the time of the appointment.

All treatments come with a thorough consultation process so you can be well informed of the type and amount of filler you will need to achieve your desired results.

Please note for liquid rhino and tear trough rejuvenation it can take more than one session to achieve the desired result, in this case we will offer a discounted top up price of £180 within 4 weeks of original appointment, please bare this in mind when booking.

Please ensure to view our Terms & Conditions.

Suggested Packages

Cheeks and lips £450 (3mls) This package includes 1ml for each cheek and 1ml in the lips. A perfect package for some subtle rejuvenation whether you have a special occasion coming up, a holiday or whether you just want to give your appearance a bit of a boost!

Glow up £600 (4mls) Refresh tired eyes, plump your lips and add some beautiful contours to your cheeks with our glow up package.  We love this package for holiday season!

Ultimate Results Contour Package £900 (6mls) Define, sculpt and contour with our ultimate results contour package.

Customise your own filler package

3ml of any product £450

4ml of any product £600

5ml of any product £750

6ml of any product £900

7ml of any product £1050