Lip Fillers in Sunderland

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What are lip fillers?

Do you have thin lips? Smokers lines? Uneven lips? Or just want to add some definition, volume and hydration?

Whatever your lip concerns we can strategically inject dermal filler into the lips and surrounding areas to enhance, shape, or add volume.

It is important your lips suit your face therefore time will be taken to discuss your needs, what you would like to achieve and personal preferences at your free, no obligation consultation.

What if I do not like the results?
All the lip filler products we use at Emerald aesthetics are made up of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which means they are FULLY REVERSABLE from the time they are administered, until the time they are reabsorbed. So even in the unlikely event, you didn’t like the results, we can reverse them in seconds.

Lip Fillers at a Glance


Revolax 0.5ml £150

Revolax 1ml £170

Juvaderm 0.5ml £170

Juvaderm 1ml £220

Results: Instant

Time taken: Injection time up to 15 minutes, please allow longer for consultation process.

Technique: Needle

Pain: To reduce pain a numbing agent used.  Some clients experience some discomfort.

Longevity: Can last up to 6-9 months depending on the individual and lifestyle*

Downtime: Minimal however swelling likely for 3-5 days

Risks: Some bruising and swelling likely. Other risks will be discussed in the consultation process.

Lip Augmentation Client

My new lips are perfect! Couldn’t of asked for better results. Xxx


Lip Augmentation Client

I was very apprehensive about lip fillers, but after having my consultation with the lovely laura i decided to go for 1ml and i couldn’t be happier with the results. 1 day in and almost all of the swelling has gone down. Cannot recommend laura enough and after having tried and tested the procedure for the very first time, my results speak for them selves.. pics to follow. X