Dermaplaning n Sunderland

What is Dermaplaning? 

 The true definition is “The controlled scraping of the skin using a sterile, surgical blade held at a 45 degree angle for the removal of keratinized cells on the outer corneum and the fine vellous hair”

To understand it better….. it’s an amazing physical exfoliation using a little blade to gently “shave” away the outer layer of dead skin. The secondary bonus about this treatment is that it also removes the fine vellus “fluffy” hair. 

What removing this layer of dead skin and peach fuzz does is basically giving you the smoothest skin you have ever had!

What should you expect during dermaplaning?

A surprisingly relaxing facial! Depending on what kind of dermaplaning facial you ask for then the actual “dermaplaning” only takes about 20 minutes. The added extras that compliment it to target specific skin concerns make it extra special including our nutrient rich algae masks and gentle but super effective Dermapeel.

Dermaplaning at a Glance


STANDARD Dermaplane £40

DELUXE Dermaplane £50


Pain: Zero for STANDARD and DELUXE dermaplane, stinging sensation may be felt during DERMAPEEL

Treatment Time: 40 – 60 Minutes

Downtime: Zero

What results can I expect? Instantly smooth glowing skin


What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?

Does Dermaplaning make the hair grow back thicker? 


We can safely say that in our years of delivering this treatment our clients hair is no different…. It’s not thicker, darker or longer. In fact if you Google it then you will see that its physiologically impossible for shaving to change the hair in anyway. Hormones do that…. not shaving. 

Your hair will just grow back the same. 

If you have a lot of “terminal” hair (the pesky thicker darker hairs that are rooted in the layer of skin with a richer blood supply), such the ones you have on your top lip and the random 3 you may have on your chin, then these will feel stubbly. Then get this hair waxed or threaded if you normally do and leave the fluffy hair to be dermaplaned off. 

If you have a lot of terminal hair all over your face then unfortunately dermaplaning may not be for you.

EMERALD Aesthetics are proud to be a Skin Geek trained provider of dermaplaning, a name you can trust for dermaplaning treatments and education.

our packages

Standard Dermaplane


Skin Geek double cleanse


Painless Enzyme peel

Hyaluronic Acid


Deluxe Dermaplane

Choose one of our luxury nutrient rich algae face masks to incorporate into your dermplaning facial to target a number of skin concerns including our 24K gold peel off mask for its revitalising, lifting and mineralising properties.


Skin Geek double cleanse


Choice of algae peel-off mask tailored to suit specific concerns

Hyaluronic Acid



Derma Peel

Treatment includes a lactic acid chemical peel which is powerful but gentle enough to be used after dermaplaning. This is a hydrating and brightening peel which helps plump the skin and targets the extra cellular matrix. Particularly effective for dull, dehydrated skin showing signs of aging that needs an extra boost.


Skin Geek double cleanse



Sheet Mask

Repair Balm

Hyaluronic Acid