Laser Hair Removal in Sunderland

Laser Hair Removal

Remove the need for regular waxing and shaving by investing in laser hair removal, you won’t regret it! With laser hair removal a specific range of wavelength penetrates just below the skin’s surface and gets absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle. Melanin is the brown pigment found in hairs, skin and the iris of the eye. Light is absorbed by this pigment in the hair follicle causing the hair follicle to heat up and be destroyed without any damage to the surrounding tissue. By removing the hair follicles hair growth is significantly reduced.



During this appointment we will complete a full consultation and patch test. The appointment will also give you time to ask any questions you have about the treatment. The payment of £10 for the consultation will be deducted in full from the cost of your treatment price. If you choose not to go ahead with treatment the £10 cost covers therapists time, products, equipment and PPE used during the consultation.

*Pre-paid package pay for 5 sessions and get the sixth one free

Face Treatments

Full Face £45

*Pre-Paid Package £225

Beard £35.00

*Pre-Paid Package £175

Upper Lip £25.00

*Pre-Paid Package £125

Upper Body Treatments

Front of Neck £35

*Pre-Paid Package £175

Back of Neck £35

*Pre-Paid Package £175

Upper Back £50

*Pre-Paid Package £250

Lower Back £50

*Pre-Paid Package £250

Chest £50

*Pre-Paid Package £250

Abdomen £50.00

*Pre-Paid Package £250

Full Torso £90

*Pre-Paid Package £450

Full Back £90

*Pre-Paid Package £450

Under Arms £35

*Pre-Paid Package £175

Full Arms £70

*Pre-Paid Package £350

Half Arms £40

*Pre-Paid Package £200

Hands/Fingers £30

*Pre-Paid Package £150

Lower Body Treatments

Bikini £35

*Pre-Paid Package £175

Brazilian £40 

*Pre-Paid Package £175

Hollywood £45

*Pre-Paid Package £225

Buttocks £50

*Pre-Paid Package £250

Full Legs £85

*Pre-Paid Package £425

Half Legs £45

*Pre-Paid Package £225

Feet/Toes £30

*Pre-Paid Package £150

Holiday Prep Packages

The Bare Essentials

Underarms/Bikini Line/Half Legs £115

*Pre-Paid Package £575

The High Season

Underarms/Brazilian/Half Legs £120

*Pre-Paid Package £600

The Jet Set

Underarms/Hollywood/Full Legs £165

*Pre-Paid Package £825

Mens Grooming Packages

The Beach Prep

Upper Back/Chest £100

*Pre-Paid Package £500

The Full Shebang

Full Back/Full Torso £200

*Pre-Paid Package £1000



Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend around 6-10 treatments, however the number of treatments you will need will depend on your skin type, your hair type and your desired results.

Pain can be dependent on your individual tolerance to pain but the procedure is tolerated well by most people. Clients liken the procedure to something small pinging off the skin.

No downtime is needed after the treatment and there is minimum side effects following the treatment.

  • Avoid any UV exposure for at least 30 days prior to treatment,
  • Avoid using any self-tanning products at least 14 days prior to treatment
  • Avoid hair removal including Electrolysis, Hair removal creams, Threading, Waxing, plucking throughout the entire treatment – shaving is permitted and will need to be carried out a day or two prior to treatment.
  • Avoid Bleaching the hairs to be treated at least 30 days prior to treatment
  • Avoid Gels, Deodorant, body lotions etc on the area 12 hours prior to treatment
  • Avoid retinol and AHA products at least 7 days prior to treatment
  • Avoid Aspirin and other blood thinning medication as well as medications that can increase sensitivity to light 48 hours prior to treatment if ok by your medical provider.
  • Avoid any UV exposure for 30 days after treatment and wear an SPF of at least 30 daily.
  • Avoid heat treatments for at least 48 hours after treatment
  • Avoid swimming and exercise for at least 48 hours after treatment
  • Avoid make up for at least 48 hours after treatment
  • Avoid touching, picking or scratching at the area
  • Apply Aloe Vera Gel to the area if required after treatment or a cold compress to cool the area
  • During hair removal treatments hair may continue to grow 1-2 weeks after treatment before falling out- you may shave the area 48 hours after treatment
  • Hair removal may be permanent, but we cannot guarantee total hair removal and results are variable between individuals, top up treatments may be required. The treatment does not carry a money back guarantee
  • Multiple treatments are required to achieve optimum results
  • There may be pain or tenderness in the area after treatment
  • Hyper or Hypo pigmentation may occur and will discolour after 6-18 months- UV exposure will make this worse
  • Hair will not fall out immediately