Laser Thread Vein Removal

Thread Vein Removal

Face from £70

Body From £130

The laser light passes through the skin at a wavelength which can be absorbed by the target blood vessels, but not by the surrounding skin, heating them to the point where the blood in the targeted blood vessel coagulates. This causes the vein to break down. The veins are then gradually removed by the body’s immune system, fading over several weeks after treatment leaving little or no trace of the original lesion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients have likened the treatment to feeling like an elastic band hitting off the surface of the skin.

Due to the mild side effects following the treatment no down time is required. After the treatment there will be some frosting and reddening to the area, this will quickly fade but the area may scab slightly. Overall, the procedure comes with low risk when carried out by a safe and competent laser technician.

Depending on the severity of the area to be treated 4-6 sessions may be needed for maximum benefit.

  • Ensure a minimum SPF 30 is worn daily whatever the weather conditions and avoid direct sun exposure and sun beds to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation.
  • Avoid perfumed products on the area for 24 hours  
  • Avoid Heat treatment including UV rays, Saunas, Steams etc for 48 hours after treatment  
  • Avoid Alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids and other potentially irritating products for 7 days or until the skin has fully healed. 
  • Redness, stinging, itching, tightness, mild swelling, flaking, and peeling are all normal reactions following any sort of laser skin treatment. The severity of these responses varies for between individuals. 
  • Healing occurs quicker in those that don’t smoke and have good nutrition
  • Keep the area clen and don’t pick at the skin while it is healing.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 7 to 10 days following treatment to allow your skin to fully heal. 
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, spicey food and consequent sweating until the skin has completely healed. usually 48 hours.
  • Avoid alcohol for 48 hours and keep the skin well hydrated
  • Avoid chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, IPL Hair removal including waxing and Laser treatments for a minimum of 2 weeks after treatment or until the skin has fully recovered. 
  • Avoid any sort of UV at least 30 days prior to treatment, including sunbeds
  • Avoid using any self-tanning products at least 14 days prior to treatment. For facial rejuvenation treatments with IPL you need to be tan-free (real and fake). Tans can prevent the machine from accurately detecting the specific blemishes that you want treating and put you at greater risk of being burned.
  •  Avoid any chemical or glycolic peels at least 30 days prior to treatment
  • Avoid retinol and AHA products at least 7 days prior to treatment
  • Avoid Aspirin, Ibuprofen, anticoagulants, alcohol, and anything else that thins the blood 48 hours prior to treatment.
  • Avoid using any products on your skin that increase sensitivity, such as retinoids or exfoliants 1-2 weeks before treatment.
  • Don’t shave, wax, or use hair removal creams before the procedure. This can lead to an increase in skin sensitivity.
  • Avoid laser hair treatments for 4 weeks prior to treatment 
  • There must be at least a 2-week gap between treatment and Injectables including Fillers, muscle relaxants and microneedling treatments. 
  • Steroid creams, topical antibiotics and the use of Roaccutane will prevent treatment. 
  • Please advise us of any medical changes at each appointment including pregnancy and breast feeding